Vanilla Frozen Custard

There are some crucial tips for preparing homemade custard ice cream.

Custard has eggs, therefore you cook the ice cream base on the stove. Then refrigerate it until cool. Only then can it go in the ice cream freezer. The base must be refrigerated for 4 hours.  

Heavy cream and whole milk make the creamiest custard. These have more fat. Lower-fat milk will make less creamy ice cream. I recommend starting with the recipe as described and then lowering the milk fat as you test.

Temper eggs. Follow the directions and don't just throw stuff in.   

Heat slowly until the mixture thickens. Don't expect pudding-thick. Just wait for the mixture to thicken. Although runny, it should coat the spoon back. Do not overheat the mixture to avoid curdling.  

Make sure your electric ice cream maker's drum is frozen. Before making ice cream, freeze this for 24 hours. Churn custard according to manufacturer instructions.

Soft frozen custard comes from the ice cream maker. To make it firmer, freeze it in an airtight container until desired.  

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