U.K. broadcaster reports J.K. Rowling to police for alleged transphobia, author calls it 'obsessive targeting'

India Willoughby, a U.K. broadcaster, has reported J.K. Rowling to police for suspected transphobia.  

In an interview with Byline TV on Wednesday evening, the cohost of ITV's all-woman discussion show Loose Women,  

who is regarded as Britain's first transgender national television reader, disclosed that she just filed a police complaint against the controversial Harry Potter author.  

The news follows Willoughby's years-long social media dispute with Rowling, who has regularly misgendered Willoughby and, according to the author, has "definitely committed a crime."  

"I'm legally a woman," she explained throughout the interview. "She knows I am a woman, but she calls me a male.   

It's a protected feature, and that violates both the Equalities Act and the Gender Recognition Act  

Willoughby also stated that she reported Rowling to the Northumbria Police in recent days.  

According to the Crown Prosecution Service in the United Kingdom, animosity toward transgender individuals can be prosecuted as a hate crime.  

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