Tom Brady's Super Bowl record presently stands at 2-10.

AMESBURY, Mass. — It seemed reasonable to question whether the New England Patriots , 

would ever stop winning after they upset the Kansas City Chiefs on January 20, 2019,  

winning 37-31 in overtime in the AFC Championship Game.In the ecstatic on-field celebration at Arrowhead Stadium,  

Patriots coach Bill Belichick sought quarterback Tom Brady and told him he loved him.  

With a sidelong glance at Belichick, Brady answered, "What a great f---ing game!"They went on to win Super Bowl LIII 13-3 over the Los Angeles Rams,  

marking what could be deemed the end of an era.Let's go back to November 12, 2023.  

The Patriots, who were 2–7, made the 3,682-mile trip to Frankfurt, Germany, to play the 4-5 Indianapolis Colts in an attempt to restart their season.  

Rather, they encountered the exact kind of blow that has typified this season. After a puzzling interception in the late fourth quarter,  

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