The Most Ruthless Zodiac Signs Ranked from Most to Least

This extremely confident sign is unafraid of anything. If you irritate these control freaks, they will go to great lengths to retaliate. 

1. Scorpio 

Gemini is a gregarious, inquisitive, and clever personality. However, they also have a wicked wild card up their sleeves. 

2. Gemini

This self-assured creative fire sign possesses a big heart and strong leadership abilities. But there is a flip side. Leo will charge at you unexpectedly and unleash


Aquarius can be extremely creative, which allows them to come up with merciless and rebellious ideas, the most cruel of which is to drive you over the edge.

4. Aquarius

Tauruses are known for their fierce loyalty and hard labor, but if they feel deceived, look out! They justify their conduct with callous persistence that no one can convince them of.

5. Taurus

Pisces have idealistic notions about everyone and everything, but when things go wrong, they take it too personally and for too long, becoming poisonous.

6. Pisces

Libra loves to look fair and impartial. But they also tell bizarre stories. They can't go a day without being two-faced, which doesn't sound so bad until you know they'll lie right to your face to avoid conflict. 

7. Libra

Capricorns are incredibly practical, yet you do not want to bring out their ferocious fury. It's unusual to be in a relationship with a Capricorn 

8. Capricorn

The most perfectionistic zodiac sign is Virgo, due to their caustic and strict demeanor. This attribute makes individuals particularly spiteful because they have a tendency to be...well, petty.

9. Virgo

Sagittarius, despite its easygoing nature, can be quite frigid and cruel. Nobody is more emotionless than Sagittarius.


Aries is a fiery spark plug. The Fire sign is all about not holding back. They will mercilessly break up with you on a whim, try everything to get back together, and then cut you off again.

11. Aries 

The most sensitive of the Zodiac signs. However, they just do not forgive and forget. You may beg pardon on your hands and knees, but once you've harmed Cancer's delicate shell, the damage is permanent and severe.

12. Cancer

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