The best zodiac couples in a relationship, ranked


When Ariana Grande sang 'I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it,' she might have easily been singing to the Leos in the audience. 


Likewise, Aries will not back down from a challenge easy. Aries are known for enjoying the thrill of the chase, so expect them to show up at your door at midnight 


Pisces, the zodiac's hopeless romantics, leads the pack, as expected. With a delicate outlook on life and strong emotional awareness, they go to great lengths to express their affection.  


If you want to get swept off your feet, find yourself a Gemini. Because of their dual personalities, living with a Gemini might be unpredictable.  


Sagittarius is all about spontaneity, so expect to have a good time. Not one to settle for a mundane routine, their inner spirit of adventure will keep you on your toes and ensure that the relationship never becomes monotonous. 


If you're willing to let go of control, a Scorpio might sweep you away in a passionate whirlwind relationship.  


Though they are not overly outspoken about their emotions, a Capricorn will find other ways to make you feel loved and treasured.  


When a Virgo falls in love, they express it via acts of service. Instead of flirting, they will pay attention to your most basic needs and feelings, and they will not hesitate to let you take the initiative.  

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