Sam Heughan Picks Jamie and Claire's Best Scene  

Watching this can make you want to watch Outlander Season 1 again, so be careful!   

Outlander Season 7's premiere episode captivated viewers with a gripping tale of drama, intrigue, and of course, love.  

However, Sam Heughan is still infatuated with a certain scene from the first season of the show, while Claire and Jamie Fraser go on to new chapters in their lives and learn how to survive the American Revolution. And, let's face it, we all do.   

The actor was questioned by BuzzFeed about his favorite Claire and Jamie moment as he was promoting his film Love Again. What he stated was this:   

What a fantastic choice! The seventh episode of Starz's "The Wedding" The storyline states that Claire must wed a Scotsman in order to get out of Black Jack Randall's clutches, and Jamie consents to a hurried wedding.   

After all the smoldering glances and yearning for Claire in the first six episodes, how could he not? Claire and Jamie fall madly in love after the lovely ceremony, as seen by their sensual and passionate first sex encounter.   

Like Sam Heughan, a lot of fans find watching this episode to be quite fulfilling. 

This is one of those exceptional times when the directing, screenplay, acting, and cinematography all work together to create a truly memorable experience.   

The development of Thus, the martial arts series' future is uncertain.   Warrior season 4 is unknown.   

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