Russell Westbrook Receives 'Huge' Praise From Kawhi Leonard Hours Before Beginning His $3,835,738 Season

After a summer of speculation about acquiring James Harden, the Los Angeles Clippers are ready to begin their 2023-2024 season. Following a practice session on Saturday,   

Kawhi Leonard took some time out and spoke to the media ahead of the Clippers' preseason opener against the Lauri Markkanen-led Utah Jazz.  

During an interview with Sports Illustrated's Joey Linn, Leonard was asked about Russell Westbrook, who is expected to earn $3,835,738 this season.   

The Claw, with as much passion as he could muster, complimented Russ on being a "good dude.  

The two-time NBA champion also mentioned his bond with Mr. Triple Double briefly.  

Kawhi Leonard is sometimes characterized as an emotional robot since he displays few emotions. However, Kawhi did not shy away from discussing his long-standing friendship   

"I've known Russ for pretty much my entire life... Knowing his backstory and why he wasn't recruited. Being in LA, we just gradually became friends. You're a great guy.   

Owner Jerry Jones stated last season, ahead of the NFL trade deadline, that the organisation was interested in making substantial deals.   

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