Randy Travis, a country singer, made a rare appearance on a popular game show. 

Randy Travis, country music legend, enjoyed a special day at The Price Is Right, the longest-running game show.  

Travis, accompanied by his wife and pianist, attended a taping as guests of host Drew Carey.  

Despite not being a contestant, Travis had a blast in the audience, even receiving an official name tag.  

Travis, a devoted fan of the show, shared his excitement on social media, delighting fans.  

The country icon's appearance at The Price Is Right garnered attention and admiration from viewers.  

Travis' joyful experience at the game show was captured in photos and videos, shared across platforms.  

Fans were thrilled to see Travis enjoying himself on "Bidders Row" and backstage at the show.  

Travis' presence added a special touch to the iconic game show, leaving a memorable impression on viewers. 

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