Peacemaker season 2 follows 2025's Superman; Gunn won't canonize S1.

Do you want to taste it? Yes, we do! Where will Peacemaker season two fit in the DC Universe timeline? When the DCU replaced the DCEU, that was a major question. 

James Gunn has clarified any uncertainty, although the final outcome remains unclear.

James Gunn wrote on Threads, which he has grown to love, that Peacemaker season two “will take place after the events in Superman.” 

 Gunn has stated that season one, released in 2022 and part of the DCEU, is not canon. Got it? Okay, onward!

The spin-off of Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad based on Viola Davis' DC character Amanda Waller was also discussed. That happens where in the DC Universe? 

 Gunn says, “Everything in Waller will take place after Peacemaker.” Gunn's 2025 Superman will take place before the next season of The Peacemaker and before Waller. See? Not too confusing!

Compared to DCEU works before it, the DC Universe has great promise. Peacemaker and Waller will be joined by Creature Commandos, Lanterns, and an Arkham Asylum series in the DC Universe, unlike that timeline. 

Superman, The Brave and the Bold, The Authority, Swamp Thing, and others share the DC Universe timeline, promising exciting movies.

Peacemaker's debut season not being included in the brand reboot may upset its fans, 

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