Optical illusions ‘amaze’ by revealing charisma or ‘distant’ness.

The'very accurate' optical illusion can determine how trusting you are with friends and how people see you socially.  

This weird flower picture purports to be a personality test that measures trustworthiness, unlike optical illusions.  

Online optical illusionist Mia Yilin posted a spring-themed brainteaser asking viewers what they notice initially.  

Most people should see white peace lily blossoms or a woman with her eyes closed after a few seconds.  

Which image you initially view will demonstrate how easy it is to make friends and a character defect that may be holding you back.  

Fans were shocked by the outcomes, as expressed in the comment area of Mia's post.   

One user said, “It amazes me how much you know about me and you've...  

...never met me” while another said, “Very accurate!”  

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