Olivia Dunne explains why she and boyfriend Paul Skenes mix well.  

Olivia Dunne, LSU senior gymnast and social media star, discussed her relationship with Paul Skenes in an ESPN interview.  

She also discussed the LSU Gymnastics Team's 2023-24 National Championship chances.  

This time, LSU Gymnastics senior Olivia Dunne, ranked No. 2 in the NCAA, aspires to win the National Championship.

When asked about her relationship with lover Skenes, Dunne said, "He [Paul Skenes]is pretty levelheaded overtime which I loved about him.  

""I[Olivia Dunne] think that- we are a really good pair," she said.  

Dunne also said that Skenes handles her mood swings well because of her busy lifestyle.  

In late 2023, Olivia Dunne introduced her boyfriend Paul Skenes on social media. 

Skenes, the 2022 John Olerud Award winner, was a great pitcher.  

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