Olivia Dunne Discloses the "Misconception" That The Internet Has About Her Social Media Posts

Olivia Dunne, a social media celebrity and standout LSU gymnast, is the most popular NCAA gymnastics athlete on social media.

 With over 7 million TikTok followers and 4 million on Instagram, her growing popularity as a content creator has resulted in numerous NIL deals

When she was recently interviewed during the LSU Gymnastics media session, she provided a clear explanation for certain "misconceptions" about her social media posts.

Olivia Dunne set a lifetime high for floor exercises at the last Podium Challenge, scoring 9.900. However, the subsequent media session served as a catalyst for the end of Livvy Dunne's social media hijinks, 

 which were replete with haters. With doubters abounding, Olivia Dunne seemed to have a perfect reaction. The truth will come out, and how.

The LSU Gymnastics Media Session, which aired on YouTube on March 11th, 2024, addressed Olivia Dunne's'misconceptions' that people have online. 

The star LSU gymnast shared a video on Instagram a few weeks ago of herself entering the gym and everyone else leaving,

which was brought to her by the reporter, and her snarky, tongue-in-cheek response revealed the bare bones reality. Later in the film, she is seen dancing joyfully with other LSU gymnasts.

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