"Nick Saban lost his leverage": Skip Bayless goes ballistic on former Alabama HC's latest revelation around his retirement

The irony is that for many years, coaches have been exempt from restrictions and have been able to relocate wherever they desired.   

It's possible that they have buyouts, but things could change. The abrupt loss of leverage that Coach Saban

suffered was due to the fact that he had been accustomed to being the king of his kingdom and possibly the king of college football.

According to Bayless, "He was accustomed to being a tyrant, a ruler, and a despot, living in a world where it was his way or the highway.

"You accomplished it in the same manner that he taught it and has coached it for a significant amount of time. 

It was impossible for him to adapt to the new environment of college football. He has very little to no control over the situation

which is now like the Wild Wild West out there.

Bayless stated, "I do want to remind everybody," and he was right.The fact that Alabama was in the final play of the season did not mean that this was a completely awful year for the team.

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