NFL world reacts to proposed kickoff rule changes

This past season, NFL fans witnessed fewer kickoffs returned when the league allowed returners to receive the ball at the 25-yard line on fair catches.   

And now it appears that the league is seeking to reverse course by incentivizing teams to return more kickoffs, along with a host of other proposed kickoff rule changes.  

This offseason, NFL special teams coordinators worked to develop a new set of kickoff regulations. If approved by league owners, kickoffs will look completely different in the near future.  

Some of the proposed modifications include kicking teams kicking off from the opponent's 40-yard line, no players moving until the ball is touched, and touchbacks taking place at the 35-yard line rather than the 25-yard line as they currently do.   

Onside kick attempts would also be adjusted. According to Tom Pelissero, teams could only attempt an onside kick while trailing in the fourth quarter.  

They would also need to notify the other team of their plan to attempt the onside kick prior to the play.  

Naturally, fans had a wide range of opinions on whether these rule changes would be positive or detrimental for the game.The NFL's purpose with this prospective new rule set is fairly obvious. They are definitely attempting to encourage more teams to return kicks, but in a safer manner than before, with less speed colliding together.  

These new rules are quite similar to how they are implemented in the XFL, which is largely considered as a much lower-impact type of kickoffs that nevertheless allows for more returns.  

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