Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Play Looks to Move to Broadway

Stranger Things: The First Shadow's stage play may be heading to Broadway. 

A casting announcement for the production, which is scheduled to premiere on Broadway in 2025, has been released, inviting Equity actors to submit videos.

A theater has yet to be named. Stephen Daldry, who directed the show's West End production, is mentioned as the director for the potential Broadway transfer, with Justin Martin serving as a co-director. 

Netflix and Sonia Friedman Productions, the show's producers, did not immediately reply to a request for comment on Broadway plans. 

A spokeswoman for the production in London stated that further information regarding the "future life of the production" will be provided later. 

The audition notice does not guarantee a Broadway production, but the play is already successful in the West End. 

The play was written by Kate Trefry and premiered on December 14 at London's Phoenix Theatre. Stranger Things: 

The First Shadow is a prequel to the Netflix television series, featuring younger versions of the protagonists, including Winona Ryder's Joyce, Sean Astin's Bob Newby, and David Harbour's Hopper. 

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