NBA fans believe After winning a game, Ja Morant fired fictitious bullets into the crowd.

Memphis guard Ja Morant is uncontrollable. 

He secured his team's road win over the New Orleans Pelicans with a dunk at Smoothie King Center on Tuesday night and celebrated by shooting pretend bullets into the crowd.

Since returning from a 25-game NBA suspension for flashing a handgun on social media and other violent actions, Morant, 24, has guided Memphis to four straight wins.

It's hardly a good look to imitate discharging a weapon after a suspension, yet Barstool Sports published the gun celebration on X, popularizing the theory. 

Morant could as well have been doing something else.

He makes a hand gesture before attempting to shoot a bazooka in the video.

Morant scored 31 points to beat the Pelicans 116-115 in overtime and retain the Grizzlies undefeated since his season debut in New Orleans a week earlier. 

Memphis was 6-19 before their star returned.

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