Mike McDaniel doesn't think the Dolphins will recover from their loss to the Ravens.

Week 18 will see the Bills travel to Miami for a Sunday night game that will determine the AFC East champion and bring the regular season to a close. The Dolphins 

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must quickly forget the 56-19 thrashing they received from the AFC's top seed and get in the correct frame of mind to defeat their divisional opponents. 

In his postgame press conference on Sunday, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel expressed confidence in his team's potential to do so.  

"I'm firmly confident that guys are going to approach it the way I would hope," McDaniel said, according to a team transcript. "This has become our standard, which is run from nothing. 

Own it. If you want to do anything good, you must ask yourself, 'Is it really this difficult?' It's difficult. That generally indicates you have an opportunity to differentiate yourself as a team and handle this in ways that other teams would not.  

We don't have to worry about splintering or keeping together because we have leaders, captains, and a leadership council on this squad. We need to re-calibrate, regroup,  

and go forward as a group. That's the only way outcomes like this don't happen: when people rely on one other, trust each other, and direct their thoughts and minds in the right direction  

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