Low-Carb Meal Plan & Menu for Health

Weight loss and blood sugar stabilization are common benefits of low-carb diets. 

Low-carb diets reduce carbs and sugar, though guidelines vary.

A low-carb diet limits pasta, bread, and sugar. Protein, fat, and veggies are abundant.

Many low-carb diets exist.Basic low-carb eating Many health benefits have been linked to low-carb diets.

People take them for weight loss and blood sugar control.

Different low-carb diets allow different amounts of carbs per day. Low-carb diets often have fewer than 26% of daily calories from carbs. 

 This is less than 130 grams (g) of carbs per day for a 2000-calorie diet.

Sweets, carbohydrates, and refined grains are usually restricted in low-carb diets.

Your low-carb diet allows different foods based on your daily carb intake. Some low-carb diets allow fruits, starchy vegetables, and entire grains in moderation.

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