Large Tech Companies Challenge Apple's App Store Plans

Meta Platforms, Microsoft, X, and Match Group have asked a federal judge to overturn Apple's App Store payment arrangement. 

The companies say the idea violates a 2021 California unfair competition verdict that required Apple to allow app developers to push consumers to their own payment systems, Bloomberg reported Wednesday (March 20). 

According to the article, Epic Games and Apple are fighting over Apple's proposal to restrict app developers, which would stifle price competition, as is the case in their antitrust lawsuit. 

Per the report, Apple's app store management is under examination. A 2023 appeals court opinion upheld a 2021 ruling that , 

Apple's business model violated California law by limiting developers' discussion about alternative payment options, potentially raising user fees. 

Developers complain that Apple takes a cut of app store sales. 

According to the report, Epic Games and Apple requested Supreme Court review of lower-court findings in January, but they were denied. 

Apple later allowed US-sold third-party apps to link to a developer website for in-app sales. Epic Games recently accused Apple of making these outside links “commercially unusable” by charging new fees and requested contempt of court. 

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