Kylie Jenner shares what her new fragrance Cosmic really smells like

Have you ever wondered whose fragrance Timothee Chalamet was leaning in to sniff during his and Kylie's memorable 'I love you' moment at the Golden Globes?   

Our money is on Kylie Jenner's new fragrance, Cosmic Kylie Jenner, which she debuted to the world this week.  

"The way you smell when you hug someone or enter a room leaves an impression on others.  

So I like aromas that are distinctive and a touch overpowering," Kylie says in an exclusive interview with GLAMOUR on her new fragrance and the next chapter in her beauty empire  

""I would characterize [Cosmic] as sweet, warm, delightful, and utterly intoxicating," she says.  

I wanted the fragrance to be something people had never smelled before, yet which felt immediately warm and wonderful.  

We combined notes to create a perfume that was fresh, sweet, warm, and 'out of this planet.'  

We used some of my fave notes, such as star jasmine and vanilla musk. It also features notes of golden amber, red peony, and cedar wood, which add to the warm flowery scent.  

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