korean egg bread

If you've been to Korea before, you've probably seen these little loaves freshly cooked by street vendors.

The aroma from the vendors will draw you in, and the price will cement the deal!So, what is it? Gyeran is a word that means "egg". Ppang translates to "bread". This is Korean egg bread.

It's just a fresh egg that has been mixed into cake batter. The small cake cooks rapidly, turning up moist, delicate, and somewhat sweet. 

While the egg provides protein and savory flavor.Now, street vendors in Korea utilize an oval, metal mold to achieve the distinctive shape that Koreans are accustomed with.

However, molds are not required for home cooking. We can make it with paper cups!Melt some butter and spread it along the inside of the paper cup to keep the bread from sticking.

Once one egg has been dropped into the cup, gently pierce it with a toothpick or fork. 

This allows the yolk to run and combine with the egg white, resulting in a more uniform distribution.

I also recommend topping the cups with cheese for a gorgeous crispy top! Use a combination of shredded yellow and white cheese (such as cheddar or mozzarella).

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