Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, and a legion of Saudi-backed bots

During the year 2022, the legal proceedings that were taking place between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard,   

who had previously been married, were constantly in the news.    

The online conversation at the time appeared to be largely in favor of Depp.    

In particular, the tweets drew the attention of Alexi Mostrous, who is an investigative writer and editor at Tortoise Media.    

There appeared to be a concerted effort on their side to ruin Heard's reputation. And as he approached closer, the strangeness of the situation increased.   

What is the relationship between that trial, Johnny Depp's friendship with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, and a large number of Twitter bots that are available for rent through the company?   

The new podcast Who Trolled Amber? is hosted by Mostrous,    

who takes us on a tour of his investigation and discusses the implications of his findings regarding the question of whether or not you can ever truly trust anything you read online.    

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