Ja Morant’s Impact Can Be Bigger Than Basketball

Mary Wainwright doesn't know Ja Morant, but she prays for him, worries about him,

wishes she could sit down with the troubled young NBA player to "set him straight."

Wainwright, a 64-year-old grandmother, is a pillar of the community in Smokey City, an area in north Memphis plagued by gunshots. 

 It's a quick jog from FedExForum, where Morant has worked his magic as a point guard for the Grizzlies over the course of four incredible NBA seasons.

Morant has advanced to the upper echelons of the NBA with little turmoil in his career — until now.

With his team battling for playoff position, Morant, 23, has been exiled for dangerous off-court behavior that culminated 

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who is understandably protective of the league's reputation, may have other intentions.

Few, if any, of the new talents touted as the league's future faces have Morant's daring on-court style — 

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