How you supported Travis Kelce's Hollywood debut.

Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, must enjoy his job. Not only is he now a three-time Super Bowl  

Champion who is dating a beautiful pop star billionaire, but you, the taxpayer, are footing a portion of the money for his Hollywood debut. 

When Democrats drafted the inaptly named Inflation Reduction Act, they not only included billions of dollars in tax credits for green energy projects, but also made them "transferable."  

Assume Mike is a major investor in green energy projects. According to the Inflation Reduction  

Act, the tax credits for these green energy projects are so significant that the credits exceed Mike's federal income tax liability.   

However, other rich investors or corporations may still be subject to taxation based on other sources of income.  

The Inflation Reduction Act permits Mike to sell these tax credits to whoever he chooses, and the buyers can then utilise the credits to decrease their tax liabilities.  

So, while Exxon Mobil may owe the federal government $5 billion in taxes, it can pay Bob $4 billion in exchange for $5 billion in tax credits, resulting in zero tax liability.   

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