Gal Gadot Declares The Birth Of Her Fourth Child: "We Overcame Despite the Hard Pregnancy,"

On Wednesday, the 38-year-old “Wonder Woman” star suddenly announced the birth of her fourth daughter, Ori, on social media.  

“My sweet girl, welcome,” Gadot wrote on Instagram. The pregnancy was difficult, but we survived.  

You have brightened our life, living up to your Hebrew name, Ori, meaning ‘my light’.”She continued, “Our hearts are full of gratitude.  

Welcome to the house of females. 👯♀️ Daddy is also quite cool 😉❤️.”  

Gadot married Israeli film producer Jaron Varsano in 2008. Alma (2011), Maya (2017), and Daniella (2021) were their daughters.  

In January 2022, the “Justice League” actress told InStyle why she keeps her personal life “as private as possible”.  

“They're the only thing I make sure to keep as private as possible,” she added of hidden her girls. “I want them innocent and protected.  

I share a lot because I think people can relate to or learn from my experiences. But I'm quite protective of my family.  

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