Every Aspect of Lainey Wilson's Sister, Janna Wilson Sadler.

Two peas in a pod are Lainey Wilson and her sister, Janna Wilson Sadler.   

The country singer, along with her sibling, was raised by their parents, Brian and Michelle Wilson, in a small Louisianan town.    

Even with her increasing notoriety, Lainey still has warm memories of her early years with Janna and how those years influenced songs like "Two Story House."   

The singer of "Watermelon Moonshine" recalled the bedroom as having pink walls and debris all over it when she spoke to PEOPLE in 2021.    

"We would just tuck everything under the bed if our parents told us to tidy up. I believed that everything that belonged to her was also mine."   

The sisters are still close today, and Janna shared on Instagram how much Lainey means to her.   

"All of you should hear about my best friends. She is good-hearted. She is sincere. She is silly. Many people respect her. She can't be stopped. She is unwavering. She wrote, "She is my sister and my best friend," with pictures of the two of them.   

Who is the sister of Lainey Wilson, then? Everything you need to know about Janna Wilson Sadler and the country music singer is provided here.considered."   

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