Drake appears to respond to a rumored video leak of an intimate act

On February 6, popular Canadian rapper and musician Drake became involved in a controversy over a purportedly leaked video that was making the rounds on social media. 

The alleged video, which appeared to show a man who looked like Drake having sex, attracted a lot of attention and sparked comments from online users.  

Since the subject's face is largely hidden by a cell phone, the veracity of the footage cannot yet be established.  

While some conjectured that Drake was responsible, others advised against drawing conclusions too quickly in the absence of proof. 

Adin Ross, a Twitch broadcaster who has worked with Drake, sent him a voice mail in which he expressed shock at the circumstances. 

"We were just looking at the s*," he continued.  

It's insane, man, for crying out loud.  

You are fortunate to have a missile, a voice, the ability to perform, the ability to be who you are, and the status of being the best.  

Drake joked about possibly borrowing Ross's voice note as his next album intro in his humorous response, complete with laughing emojis. 

Drake has opted to stay mute on the situation, with no formal remarks or statements from his representatives, in spite of the rumors and conjecture. 

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