Dolphins Cheerleader's 'Stunning' Video Goes Viral Before Season 

The NFL season begins in less than two months. Having said that, the Dolphins' cheerleading squad is working hard to get ready for Week 1.  

Dolphins cheerleader Jozie Schroder uploaded a video of the team practicing for the regular season on Monday. 

"Football season loading," Schroder captioned her photo. "Stunning and fierce," commented one.

Another person said, "*Watches video* immediately becomes a Dolphins fan."

"I'm working hard...May the power of the force be with you. "EVERYONE," a third individual added. 

Schroder has been a Dolphins cheerleader for several years. She has been invited to sing at the Pro Bowl in Las Vegas in 2023.

Schroder is an Instagram influencer in addition to being an NFL cheerleader. She presently has over 97,000 Instagram followers.  

We assume Schroder will have a lot of new content to share with her fans in the coming months. 

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