Dietician Lists 12 High-Intake Foods Without Gaining Weight

St. Louis gym owner Kim Yawitz, RD, is a qualified dietician. Kim advises national media outlets on fitness and nutrition in addition to coaching individuals and small groups.


Cauliflower is satisfying and low in calories. A head is 146 calories (not that I recommend eating that much in one sitting)! 


Approximately 30 calories per medium cucumber. Three of them have fewer calories than a serving of chips! 


One cup of zucchini noodles is low in calories (20) and satisfying. Most individuals consume much more pasta than one cup of cooked spaghetti (221 calories). 

Baked Potatoes

Is it healthy to binge on potatoes when dieting? Probably not. 


That old rhyme about beans being heart-healthy? They also help your waistline.


That's about a Chips. Ahoy cookie (good luck eating one). 


Large servings won't cost you many calories. Some research suggests grapefruit may aid weight loss. 

Air-popped popcorn

Popcorn only 31 calories per cup, so overeating won't hurt. 


You should consume lots of high-protein foods because They're hard to overeat and can help you eat fewer calories elsewhere.

Low-fat cottage cheese

Nearly half of its calories come from protein, which has many attributes that promote weight maintenance and weight loss.  


Nuts are higher in calories and fat than many foods on this list, so you might be surprised that you can eat lots of them without gaining weight.  

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