Deion Sanders announces NFL great Warren Sapp will join Colorado coaching staff

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders announced the addition of a legendary former player to his coaching staff, with long-time NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp scheduled to join after just completing his degree. 

Sapp pursued his degree particularly to get into coaching, and "Coach Prime" couldn't be prouder of him. 

"We know him other than how the rest of the world knew him, and you talk about a huge Teddy bear," Sanders remarked on the Rich Eisen Show. "You're referring to a massive Teddy bear." 

He has this tremendous vibrato that will scare you if you let him, but deep down you don't have to go that deep since he's a Teddy bear. 

"And to see him go get his diploma, because I know what he wants to do, he wants to coach on this staff and he wants to be a part of this staff and he is going to be a part of this staff." 

Warren Sapp has been considering joining Sanders' team for quite some time, with the idea being mooted in September 

But first, Sapp had to obtain that degree. Now that he's done that, he'll be able to work with Sanders and continue to coach young college football players. 

Sanders appreciated Warren Sapp's ability to connect with the athletes. 

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