Comedian Nick Swardson attributes his Colorado off-stage booing to edibles, booze, and altitude.  

Over the weekend, he performed a stand-up concert in Colorado and was jeered and removed from the stage.   

The Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek hosted Swardson on Sunday. He is well-known for his work on various Adam Sandler films, including "Just Go With It" and his role in the comedy series "Reno 911!"   

However, it appears that the audience didn't enjoy his performance because he babbled on without making any impacts, and the agitated audience jeered and booed.  

Swardson was on X on Monday and wrote, "I just woke up on TMZ casually." Avoid drinking and consuming edibles when flying at high altitudes. F------ diarrhea in the brain."  

Social media users shared a video of the performance, in which Swardson announced that he would be doing an impersonation of Jason Statham from the 2024 movie "Beekeeper."  

He continued for a few seconds, saying things like "here we go, here we go, alright, here we go," without really doing the impression.  

After more than a minute of this, the audience seemed restless, booing, whistling, and yelling. The celebrity once questioned the audience, asking, "Do you want me to finish this or no?" And loud voices yelled back, "No!"   

In a different footage, the lights in the theater were switched on, but Swardson's microphone and spotlight were off.   

Then a man stepped onto the stage, said something to Swardson, and waved him away. Taking the stage, a man identifying himself as the director of operations apologized for the show.   

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