Colorado football's newly strengthened offensive line in disarray as Deion Sanders' key OL jumps ship to transfer portal

It seems like there's been some significant turbulence for Colorado football's offensive line. 

Losing a key player to the transfer portal can definitely disrupt the cohesion and stability of the unit,  

especially if that player was expected to be a linchpin in the team's strategies. Deion Sanders' 

influence may have played a role in this decision, but without further context, 

it's challenging to ascertain the exact reasons behind the transfer. 

It will be crucial for Colorado's coaching staff to assess the situation swiftly and strategize accordingly to fill the gap left by the departing player.  

This might involve reshuffling the lineup, promoting backups, or even recruiting new talent. 

Maintaining team morale and ensuring that the remaining players are focused and motivated will also be important in navigating this setback. 

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