CNN: Aaron Rodgers did not deny Sandy Hook news.

You've actually heard this one before. Nevertheless, we will continue.  

Regarding the exact wording, Aaron Rodgers is at odds.  

A CNN representative sent the following statement to PFT in response to his post about the subject of whether he is a Sandy Hook denier:  

"While Aaron Rodgers did respond on X, he did not directly deny CNN’s reporting."  

Since the reporting claims that Rodgers believes Sandy Hook was an inside job and that Sandy Hook never happened, he indirectly refuted some of the information.  

CNN contributor Pamela Brown claims that during their conversation, Rodgers stated that Sandy Hook "was actually a government inside job and the media was intentionally ignoring it."  

According to a different anonymous source, Rodgers maintains that the Sandy Hook massacre "never happened" and was "all made up."

Rodgers stated on X: "I've stated before that what transpired at Sandy Hook was a complete tragedy.

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