Baby Name: 10 World Prohibited Baby Names 

A Cologne-based Turkish couple sought to name their newborn Osama Bin Laden after 9/11. German officials rejected it since all names should not insult.  

Osama Bin Laden: Cologne, Germany  

Sarah, a Hebrew name, is banned in Morocco. Paying a fee allows non-Arabic names. Sara, the Arabic variant, is a good alternative.  

Sarah: Morocco   

Denmark allows parents to pick from 7,000 names with approval. Ethnic names and unusual spellings are rejected often. 250 names are rejected annually by these rules. avoiding unusual names like Anus, Pluto, and Monkey.

Anus: Denmark  

Hungary has a list of native-language names. Stefán can be used but Stephen cannot.The registry accepts international and original names, but parents must use Hungarian orthography. For instance, Juliette would be Zsüliett.  

Stephen: Hungary  

The Argentine city of Rosario, where Barcelona player Lionel Messi is from, banned baby naming after him. Rosario parents can no longer officially name their children "Messi."  

Messi: Rosario, Argentina  

The Saudi Interior Ministry banned 51 non-traditional names in 2014. Linda, Alice, and Elaine were religious-sounding and foreign names. To prevent culturally insensitive baby names, this was done.  

Linda: Saudi Arabia  

California parents can only name their children using English alphabet letters. This rules out names like Lucía, which have an accent above the "I."  

Lucía: California, United States  

France forbade naming babies after chocolate hazelnut spread. It was overly commercial and would encourage kids to tease. The Prefecture of Montpellier even informed a French couple that Nutella was not permissible as a baby name.  

Nutella: France  

In Sonora, Mexico, parents cannot give their children meaningless or derogatory names. Thus, you cannot name your child Facebook.

Facebook: Sonora, Mexico  

Icelandic parents cannot give their children names that cannot be written or pronounced correctly. Thus, names like "Carolina" cannot be used because they contain a non-Icelandic letter.  

Carolina: Iceland  

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