According to a supply-chain report, the bezels of the iPhone 16 will thin out as the screen size increases.

Along with the larger screens we anticipate in the two Pro models, a fresh supply-chain rumor claims that Apple's display manufacturers have acquired new technology that will allow for even smaller bezels on the iPhone 16. 

Although it swiftly qualifies this, the same study also suggests that Apple may conceal the Face ID mechanism beneath the display as early as 2026. 

When we obtained CAD files that originally revealed a larger screen for the Pro Max back in May of last year,  

we were the first to uncover concrete proof of the much-speculated intentions for larger displays in the iPhone 16 Pro versions. 

At the time, we observed that the difficulty with this was to prevent the phone's width from significantly increasing. 

Reducing the size of the bezels is another method to increase the display size without making the phone heavier to hold.  

According to a recent supply-chain source, Apple's display suppliers reportedly have the technology in place to accomplish this in the iPhone 16 lineup this year. 

One issue with BRS technology is that wire must be crammed into a tiny area, which increases the risk of overheating. It is now claimed that this issue has been fixed. 

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