5 Best Floor Exercises To Melt Belly Fat

Contrary to common perception, running and completing numerous repetitions of crunches, sit-ups, and side bends is not the greatest approach to lose belly fat. 

The key to decreasing belly fat is to engage in regular strength training as well as a combination of steady-state and interval aerobic training. 

Pretty straightforward! That is why we have compiled a list of the greatest floor workouts to burn belly fat. If you stick to this schedule and consume a nutritious diet, the pounds and inches will start to fall off.

Reverse Crunches

The reverse crunch is the first exercise on this list of floor exercises to burn abdominal fat. Lie down on your back with your lower back flat on the floor. Maintain a firm core. Raise your feet back toward your body and contract your abs.

Bicycle Crunches

Lie flat on your back with your hands behind your head. Rotate your body up by bringing one elbow toward the opposite knee. Extend the other leg completely by stretching your heel straight out. 

Side Plank Hip Lifts

Set yourself up against a wall with your heels, buttocks, and shoulders touching the surface for the side plank hip lift. Stack your feet on top of each other, and align your shoulder with your wrist. 

Hand-Release Pushups

Assume a pushup position, shoulders in line with wrists, back straight. Maintain a strong core and clench your glutes as you lower yourself until your entire body is on the floor. 

Figure 8

Lean back and extend your feet fully. Lift your legs a few inches above the ground and begin tracing a figure 8 (or infinity sign) with your legs, crisscrossing while keeping your core tight. 

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