Sydney Sweeney Jokes ‘You Definitely Did Not See Me in “Madame Web”‘ in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Monologue

Sydney Sweeney made her debut as a host on “Saturday Night Live,” during which she informed the audience about her early plans to get into the Hollywood industry and made light of the allegations that she was romantically involved with her co-star Glen Powell during her opening monologue.

“You might have seen me in ‘Anyone But You’ or ‘Euphoria,'” says the actress. She amused herself by saying, “You most certainly did not see me in ‘Madame Web.'” I do, however, have a new movie that is going to be released called ‘Immaculate.’ I am a nun, so it is a perfect casting choice for me. Tonight, however, I can’t wait for everyone to meet the real me and get to know me better. My impression is that people just perceive me as the girl on television who shouts, cries, and has sexual encounters. It’s not uncommon for all three to occur at the same time…”

Sydney Sweeney

When Sweeney was describing her origins in Spokane, Washington, she showed her parents the presentation that she had used to show them how she would break into the Hollywood industry. The presentation had a chart that labeled “audition,” among other things. If the first chart did not work out, the second chart, which simply stated “Boobs,” was the backup plan.
The camera then turned to Glen Powell, who was sitting in the audience, and she also hinted that her fiance was present at the event. This was followed by her admission that she was joking and that her true fiance was in the green room.

Recently, Sweeney appeared in the superhero movie “Madame Web” starring Dakota Johnson. Additionally, she acted alongside Powell in the romance comedy “Anyone But You,” which has grossed a total of $200 million throughout the world. Other than that, she is well-known for her appearances in the television shows “Euphoria” and “White Lotus,” for which she received Emmy nominations.

In an interview with Variety, Powell recently hinted at the possibility of a reunion between him and Sweeney, stating that the two of them have been reading scripts together. “Sydney is so easy to work with and so much fun!” “When you find somebody that you really jive with, Sydney is a great example,” Powell stated that they are unquestionably looking for the next thing out there. On March 22, her novel film “Immaculate” will be released in theaters. A religious woman who moves to a haunted Italian convent and becomes magically and strangely pregnant is the protagonist of the psychological horror film, in which Sweeney plays the role of the protagonist.

This was the third time that Kacey Musgraves has come on the show, and she did so as a musical guest on Saturday.

Sydney Sweeney

Ariana Grande will make her third appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) next week, alongside Josh Brolin, who will be hosting the show for the third time. Ariana Grande will also be serving as a musical guest on the show.

Some of the other hosts for Season 49 of Saturday Night Live have been Sweeney’s co-stars from “Madame Web,” including Johnson, Jacob Elordi, Emma Stone, and Timothée Chalamet. Some of the artists who have performed as musical guests include Jennifer Lopez, Olivia Rodrigo, and Ice Spice, amongst others. The second episode of the season included Bad Bunny performing as a musical guest in addition to his acting duties as the presenter.

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