Leon’s has added a new frozen custard flavor

At Leon’s Frozen Custard, which is located at 3131 South 27th Street and was established by Leon Schneider on May 1, 1942, in which tradition reigns supreme, change is a gradual process.

Blue moon was the name of the new flavor that started to come out of the custard machines that were made by Leon’s and provided by Custard King at the classic drive-in theater on Friday morning.

I was the first person to get a cone of it, and you can learn more about it by watching this live presentation on Facebook…

It is not the kind of sugar explosion that blue moon custard and regular ice cream can be, which is another reason why it is one of the best blue moons that I have tried. Also, because it is Leon’s, it has a beautiful and smooth texture that is creamy.

The blue moon flavor is also a flavor that does not require inclusions, such as pieces of candy or cookies added after the custard comes out of the machine. This is something that Leon’s is not particularly fond of, in contrast to other stands, which are more likely to include such additions.

In addition, it is said that blue moon was created in the 1950s in Milwaukee by Bill “Doc” Sidon, a taste scientist at Petran Products. Petran Products possessed a trademark on the flavor, but it has since expired. This is despite the fact that recipes for such a flavor were supposedly available in newspapers earlier.

Since the addition of cinnamon to a portfolio of custard tastes that also includes vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, mint, butter pecan, and maple nut, it has been thirty years since the addition of cinnamon.

The iconic stand continues to be managed by Schneider’s son Ron and grandson Steve, and it has maintained a majority of its appearance over the course of several decades.

Leon's has added a new frozen custard flavor
Leon’s has added a new frozen custard flavor

In the past few years, Milwaukee has witnessed a proliferation of specialty frozen yogurt cafes coming into existence. Taking this into consideration, we came to the conclusion that it would be appropriate to pay homage to the creamy frozen staple and other similar goods that are available in our city by isolating the fro yo and retaining these refreshing delicacies in their very own category.

In Milwaukee, custard is considered to be the most popular dessert, however the readers of OnMilwaukee.com believe that Kopp’s Custard is the best dish of them all. With over three times as many votes as Leon, who finished in second place, this Milwaukee institution was able to completely dominate the competition and win the crown.

Over the course of more than sixty years, what began as a single stand has expanded to three locations in the surrounding area, serving up deliciously creamy treats for two generations. Feel free to stop by and have a taste of the flavor of the day. Online ordering allows transplants from Milwaukee to purchase their preferred flavors.

A deadly collision broke the tranquility of the neighborhood that encompassed Leon’s Frozen Custard on a peaceful evening. It left behind a sight of mayhem and tragedy that would be ingrained in the memory of those who were present at the time. A warm summer evening, the sort that invites families and friends to get together for a sweet treat at the famous custard stand, where the air is filled with the tempting perfume of freshly baked desserts and the laughter of customers enjoying their frozen pleasures, was the kind of evening that was perfect for gathering. A golden glow was cast over the sky as the sun descended below the horizon, and the streets that surrounded Leon’s were teeming with activity. They were alive with the spirit of a community coming together to enjoy the straightforward joys that life has to offer.

As the sound of screeching tires and shattered glass pierced the air, disaster struck with ruthless fury in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the evening rush. This was followed by the deafening quiet that is always present during moments of shock and disbelief. In the vicinity of the entrance to Leon’s, a collision that was both rapid and cruel had taken place. This contact caused shockwaves to travel through the throng and brought an abrupt halt to the joyful attitude that had been permeating the scene just a few moments earlier. Their faces were marked with anxiety and pain as they battled with the seriousness of the scenario that was unfolding in front of them. The aftermath was a scene of commotion and uncertainty, as spectators hurried to the aid of those who were engaged.

Leon's has added a new frozen custard flavor
Leon’s has added a new frozen custard flavor

Firefighters arrived at the scene of the accident in a short amount of time, their sirens wailing in the background as they made their way past the crowds of people who were watching the accident. As they treated to the injured with a feeling of urgency garnered from years of experience in the face of catastrophe, paramedics worked rapidly to assess the casualties. Their looks were dismal as they did so. Determination to preserve lives and bring a sense of order to the mayhem that had invaded the once tranquil streets of the neighborhood was the driving force behind the heroic efforts of firefighters who worked diligently to rescue those who were trapped within the ruins.

During this time, law enforcement authorities were conducting a thorough investigation of the incident, using their trained eyes to search the surroundings for any signs that could provide insight into the sequence of events that precipitated the collision. There were skid tracks on the asphalt, which served as a disturbing reminder of the severe accident that had taken place just a few seconds earlier. Additionally, there were shattered glass pieces spread around the ground, which appeared to be fragments of broken dreams scattered in the aftermath of the catastrophe. In spite of the fact that witness statements were gathered, the whole picture remained elusive due to the turmoil and confusion that permeated the scene. Each witness testimony offered a fragment of insight into the chain of events that had led up to the crash.

A pall of sad reflection was cast over the streets that were formerly bustling with activity in the vicinity of Leon’s Frozen Custard as the night progressed until the reality of the situation began to seep in. The rapid loss of life and the destruction caused by the accident would irrevocably change the fabric of their existence, leaving behind a gap that could never be filled. This would be the case for the families and friends of those who were involved. In the days and weeks that followed, the community would join together in a display of solidarity and support, offering encouragement and consolation to those who were grieving the loss of loved ones and struggling to cope with the trauma caused by the sad events that had taken place in their midst.

Despite the fact that it was a resounding triumph, we couldn’t help but show some affection for Leon’s story, which was also the editor’s choice.

As selected by the editors of OnMilwaukee.com, Leon’s

A close second:
Gilles takes the third spot.
5. NorthPoint Custard 4. Culver’s Fifth Place
ice cream from Babe’s six
a tie between the Oscars and Le Duc’s
Gelato made with cold spoons
Chocolate Factory, number ten
11. The Kiltie, which is owned by Georgie Porgie (tie)
13 Gyros made of golden
14. Purple Door Ice Cream 15. Robert’s, the restaurant

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